We have provided MilkyWay studios with the highest standards of modern technology, and we are keen to keep up with the technology with the latest technologies according to the latest developments in the world, as follows.

Chroma Studio (green screen)

It helps directors and producers to present other scenes and to interact with actors as if they are already involved in it, and also allows TV program producers and filmmakers to use advanced technology to display virtual backgrounds on them.

  • 3.5 meters high
  • 5 meters width
  • 4.5 meters length
  • Complete sound isolation
  • Black and white background

Voice recording unit

Our company owns a sound studio equipped with the latest audio technology, as we have a variety of sound styles and in multiple languages that suit different artistic works and identities.

  • Record audiobooks
  • Promotional and advertising commentary
  • Documentary Commentary
  • تسجيل الهوية صوتية

Graphic processing unit and montage

We offer you creative ideas that help convey your messages through visual ideas

  • Social media platforms designs
  • Print advertising campaigns
  • Web site interfaces
  • Covers for books and magazines